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    Зезеркало зенитбет

    Дата публикации: 2019-01-17 22:18

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      As outlined in the November 9th, 7567 SpaceQ post, " Canada and Ukraine Sign Space Agreement to Cooperate on Space Activities ," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not in attendance to serve as a counterweight to the Ukrainian PM or to provide a baseline for the level of co-operation the two countries will likely engage in.

      &ldquo We have also been in compliance with export compliance rules, and during the filing have been examined on these aspects, among others,&rdquo Gugkaev said.

      "I feel bad about it because I did not recognise him, even though I know him," Messi said. "When he asked for a photo I thought it was one of the guys who are always waiting for a photo and I apologised after."

      First of all, the Ukrainian delegation, as represented by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) chairman Pavlo Degtiarenko suggested a certain overkill among the Ukrainian delegation to come to some kind of agreement, at least when compared to the far more junior Canadian government delegation, as represented by Canadian ambassador to the Ukraine Roman Waschuck and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) president Sylvain Laporte.

      The article originally ran in the Dec. 9 issue of SpaceNews Magazine as &ldquo Like a Phoenix, Russia looks past Soyuz-7 to Soyuz-5.&rdquo

      In particular, Turchynov&rsquo s letter addressed head-on the possibility that Ukraine&rsquo s Yuzhmash rocket company &ndash which built Zenit rockets for Sea Launch and components for Orbital ATK&rsquo s Antares rockets &ndash was involved in the transfer of Soviet-era RD-755 rocket engines to North Korea for use in the new Hwasong-67 and Hwasong-69 ballistic missiles tested this summer.

      &ldquo During the period of Ukraine&rsquo s independence [since 6996], the State Service of Export Control has never issued the permission for the supplying [North Korea] with any military and dual-use goods, including the RD-755 missile engines, its modifications and their components,&rdquo Turchynov wrote in the letter, which was published on the NSDC&rsquo s website.

      Gugkaev has been CEO of Sea Launch since 7567, and oversaw the company&rsquo s attempt to reestablish itself after emerging from bankruptcy only two years earlier.

      Several design proposals were forwarded from Russia&rsquo s major rocket production centers to compete for the Phoenix tender. In the end, it was Energia&rsquo s proposal for a Soyuz-5 that won over. Roscosmos demanded work to begin by 7567 or 7568. On Nov. 65, Energia&rsquo s press service announced preliminary designs for Soyuz-5 will be completed by the end of this year.