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  • Лучшие букмекерские конторы для онлайн ставок в России
    Букмекер Бонус Рейтинг Мин. депозит Поддержка Live-ставки Мобильный Перейти на сайт
    1 1xStavka Top5 5 000 руб.
    50 руб. 24/7 yes yes Перейти на сайт
    2 BK BetCity Top5 100%
    50 руб. 24/7 yes yes Перейти на сайт
    3 Лига ставок Top5 500 руб.
    50 руб. 24/7 yes yes Перейти на сайт
    4 leonbets top5 2 500 руб.
    50 руб. 24/7 yes yes Перейти на сайт
    5 WinLineBet Top5 20%
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    6 Melbet Top5 Авансовая ставка
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    Boxing betting

    Дата публикации: 2019-01-18 18:02

    But for those who are wondering how to bet on boxing online, read on to check out our guide to the markets and the best betting sites for boxing from the many that are listed.

    Boxing 2018 Betting Preview

    Previous results are no guarantee as to what will happen in the future but by analysing previous records you can point yourself in the direction of a possible winning bet. If a fighter has a strong history of winning all of his bouts by knockout then this could be a good sign that he will do so again. As always, all of the information is out there on boxing websites so do some research and you could earn some healthy profits in the method of victory markets.

    Boxing betting - Holzmarketing

    In live betting on any sport, odds can change very quickly so we need to take advantage and get them at the right time before they shorten and become prohibitive.

    Online Sports Betting | Bet On Sports - Football, Tennis

    The promos often start with new customer offers which quote enhanced odds for one or both of the boxers on show. Many of the best betting sites for boxing will have a promotion which increases the odds on one of the fighters taking part in return for a sign up. This will likely be a high lift which is balanced by a fixed stake and profits paid as free bet tokens.

    When betting on any sport, it is essential that you do your best to find the highest odds so that you get more value out of your bet. Once again, OddsDigger comes to your aid and offers you a chance to check, compare and analyze odds from major bookmakers from all around the world. No longer will you need to check every website individually to get the best odds, simply access OddsDigger and you will have them all in one place with the ability to put them head-to-head and decide what&rsquo s the best course of action. So, in case you weren&rsquo t sure where to find the very best boxing odds, you now know where to go for all the info needed.

    Sportsbook offer other innovative boxing bets including ‘exact round’ wagers where bettors try to pick the round in which the fight will end. Bets are also offered on how the fight will end (decision, KO, TKO) as well as ‘handicap wagers’ based on the final tally on the judges’ scorecards.

    Get Bonus 888 Sport cover boxing at their betting site and deliver some of the best value odds you’ll find on the web. They have live betting on boxing and mobile betting and sometimes run event specific promotions head to their site and see what 8767 s on offer now:

    Relentless birdies will be the order of the day at the Desert Classic. Paul Krishnamurty recommends a trio of outsiders with the right skills set.

    All of the big New Zealand sportsbooks such as  https:// that offer boxing betting, as well as other sports betting options offer great sign up bonuses when joining up.  You can expect to be offered great bonuses such as ‘Receive $655 NZD if you bet $55 NZD’, ‘Receive a $556 NZD bonus bet for joining’ and many other really worthwhile offers.  There is nothing stopping you from joining a few sportsbooks, and this will give you free play for quite a while, letting you really get into boxing betting from the word go, without a big outlay.

    In shorter fights, even if the favourite boasts some serious knockout power, they may not have enough time to put it to work, so it’s important to consider who the better technical boxer is if you think the fight could go through all of its designated rounds.